Nannija's Organic Mud Cosmetics

1. Cleansing is an absolute must! Perfectly Soft Clean Milk Pure with ELIER Peloid Complex ® soothes skin cells, moisturizes, maintains acid-alkaline balance and reduces skin’s oiliness. Also don't forget a toner to keep pores closed.
2. Feet are particularly at risk in the summer month. ELIER Foot Cream provides with excellent care - Instantly regenerates and provides a feeling of freshness. Reduces sweating.
3. Use Erotic Mood Facilitating Shower Gel which consists of strawberry, black pepper, rosemary and ginger aroma. Feel refreshed every day!
4. After Sun Organic Mud Balm - Helps to have even toned skin after sunbathing. Peloid Complex® intensively moisturizes skin, reduces formation of pigmentation, improves natural level of skin moisture and protects it from premature aging.

Written by Nannija Zaikovska — June 25, 2014



Oh my this is sooo true! With teenage boys I uslluay talk to them about taking care of there teeth due for girlfriend issues .I ask if there girlfriend would really want to kiss them if they knew how much bacteria and germs were in there mout due to them brushing only 1 -2 times a week and get this they think mouthwash everyday is helping!!! Some of these teenage boys bring there girlfriends in with them so this really helps my talk!! By there next visit they are uslluay brushing daily maybe even 2 times a day. Then we start with the flossing issue. I tell them there mouth is only 90% clean since they are not getting inbetween sometimes I get results. The teenage girls is uslluay the same as te women they only want white and straight teeth .so there talk is uslluay easier. Showing pictures to women that are not brushing or flossing or telling them health issues could develope usally do the trick. I was going to frame the tobacco side effects poster for my room as much as it is gross and scarey I think it is a real eye opener!!!

June 20 2015

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