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Latvian Golden Voice and an enchanting lady with a pure and beautiful soul – the singer Camilla shares her impressions about ELIER cosmetics.

I started using ELIER cosmetic products about three months ago, when I got some of them as a gift. I have never cared about my face skin before, and I have been using different creams; the same thing about my hair, skin… nothing was cared about much, but that didn’t confuse me, because everything looked OK. But after receiving ELIER cosmetics I’ve started reading people’s references, who have been using these cosmetics, and I’ve also read the components, so I got curious if these cosmetics can really make such magic.

There are only few things that can surprise me, I don’t believe in advertising! But I decided to try and I trusted, I started using ELIER regularly just like according to the timetable. Every morning and evening I apply the ELIER UNIQUE facial mud mask, then the face cream and the body cream; I use the tooth paste and the shampoo. I started using them all and now I can say with absolute confidence that ELIER works. My face and body skin can breathe; a wonderful aroma provides my body with energy.

I have fallen in love forever with the ELIER UNIQUE mask. It can be easily applied, easily washed off, but the scent enchants you even more, it is so natural, so non-artificial, and it’s amazing what it does to the skin. The mask cleanses pores, makes my skin colour beautiful; the skin becomes even and starts living!

ELIER cosmetics have become a great friend of our family. There are doctors and midwifes in our family, and they have supported my choice and made their choice.

I have received a lot of compliments about my hair, skin, teeth, and it is very pleasant to hear! And I have only one answer: “That’s all thanks to ELIER”. I am always on the stage and as for every artist concerts and trips can be very tiring. So, ELIER products always help me to be in a good mood and be beautiful. I think each person has to find his own youth and beauty elixir. My choice is ELIER!


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Written by Nannija Zaikovska — July 01, 2014



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June 24 2015

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