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I have been so lucky to have chance to promote so amazing brand as ELIER - it's has been year now.

Nearly two month ago I met Katie from East Preston- she is little bit over forty, in my view with quite good skin and has tried such brands as Dior, Clarins, Olay and so on but this is what she says about ELIER:



I was lucky to meet Nannija at a fair. I stopped to chat with her as her skin looked amazing very dewy and line free. Nannija gave me some tester to take away and try. The face serum and day cream. My skin was a bit lack luster at this time and few spots on my cheeks. I started using the products and I was surprised how much my skin loved it, my skin improved over the next few days. My testers ran out and I went back to my old products. My skin was yearning for Elier I had no choice I was hooked on Elier or should I say my skin needed it.
Since purchasing the whole range of beauty products,I enjoy cleansing my face and the soft silky smooth ELIER moisturizer is a ritual I love and my skin is dewy and radiant. Thank you Nannija

Written by Nannija Zaikovska — July 18, 2014



DEZiree,How about commenting on the imntcoapre of professional membership. In the state I live in the Dental Association and an outside group are pushing for Dental Assistants to scale above the gumline. Shouldn’t the discussion be on how hygienists should work together to inform the public of who and what we are? This seems far more serious than a hygiene strong screensaver.

June 24 2015

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