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In the 5 steps I have described how to improve and achieve gorgeous skin - flawless, radiant, nourished and younger looking - using products containing ELIER mud - natural and healthy look is your priority! 

Written by Nannija Zaikovska — August 25, 2014



I agree with Sandie, (some) men tend to brush their teeth way too hard, and too quickly, more-so than women. There are plteny of women who do this too though. Women are often more concerned with cosmetic dentistry, and tend to inquire more about bleaching, veneers, and so on. Also, I heard that statistically men get slightly more periodontal disease (they do seem to smoke more, and use considerably more chewing tobacco) and women are suppose to be slightly more caries-prone but I don’t know if this is true. The smokeless tobacco is certainly more male-oriented, although just the other day I had not one but two female patients in a row who were chewing tobacco, and chewing a lot! They were not at all the type of people I would think would chew; very interesting. I advised them of course anyway, interesting topic.

June 24 2015

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