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I hope you are well and thank you for stopping by in my blog.
On my first blog I would like to share my very own experience.

First, all products seemed muddy - brown toothpaste, shampoo with pieces of mud, black bath extract … exciting and exotic!

But mainly I was surprised how gentle the products were to my skin! The best experience ever and I don't want to go back to any of my previously used cosmetics, simply because they smelled nice, but comparing it to this I felt like I was pouring chemical onto my skin.

I have not tried all the products yet and I am sure this list will grow with time, but I want to point out some as they are simply outstanding!

1. Regenerating & Nourishing Face Mask, 200 ml This is the secret of a beautifully looking skin. It has helped me with skin dryness and sensitivity. Every time I use it for days I feel that something good is happening with my skin and when I forget to use it my skin reminds me. This will help with dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, problematic skin, aged skin, and acne problem and make skin soft, velvety, smooth. Also you can try this mask which is from the same mud but the structure is slightly rougher. You can use this mask for everything you want to improve - hair, body, face... Also lots of customers prefer this mask as it is creamier.

2. BVFdent toothpaste, 100 ml if you have sensitive teeth and gums or any other problem or you just simply want to use much better toothpaste instead of what the everyday shops offer. I have sensitive teeth and I am finally happy with them, also sometimes I experienced sore gums but not anymore. And from my own experience - when I went to Ireland for a short holiday, after a few days I could not wait to get home and use again this toothpaste as sensitivity came back.

3. Tonifying Lotion (Dry/ Dehydrated skin), 200 ml and Cleansing Milk (All skin types), 200 ml you are probably wondering why I am putting these as outstanding products, but they are as for years I have not been able to use face cleansing products as I could not find anything that would work for my sensitive skin. They are amazingly gentle.

4. ELIER ACTIVLIFT Serum, 50 ml I would call this the best kept secret. Very good moisturizer and improves skin elasticity and regenerates. It's a MUST - have!

5. High Organic Mud Bath Extract, 580ml Not just mood uplifting - because you will find humorous to go in black, muddy bath, but also good for veins, psoriasis, cellulitis, stretchmark’s, stress and so on ...

6. ELIER Ant cellulite Gel, 200ml I know that sports people use this after heavy training to reduce muscle pain, also amazing for treating stretchmark’s and cellulites.

7. ELIER Mud Soap, 100 g It is recommended to use for face wash. Feels very nice and does not make skin dry.

8. Shampoos and balsams - my hair feels soft and silky, but also my latest realisation is that I can finally grow them long as my usual problem - when they reached certain length they started to tangle - is gone. And I love long hair!

Enjoy and don't forget to share your experiences! Also don't forget to like FB page Organic Mud Skin Care!

Written by Nannija Zaikovska — May 22, 2013



I am so glad I discovered this site, I had heard good reviews from others and thought I should see for myself and I have to say I am impressed. All the products I have tried so far make my skin soft and fresh. I would have never thought of washing my face with a bar of soap but this is clearly something else. Totally recommend!

August 21 2013


Hi, just wanted to say thanks for offering something truly new and refreshing. I am so tired of shopping and trying new creams every month but nothing really helps me forget that I am in my 40s now – until I tried Elier Cellfood day cream and eye cream. I am starting to fall in love with my look in the mirror!!! xx

August 28 2013


The anti cellulite cream is a gem, it is better than most creams I have tried

September 06 2013


I will definitely agree about ELIER ACTIVLIFT Serum – it is excellent and I could feel my skin changing from day one!

October 23 2013

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