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I'm Nannija and I have just started a recommendation business for ELIER cosmetics and this is my shop.

I have a very sensitive and dry skin and lately I have been stressed about it especially realizing that I am not getting any younger. But with ELIER I am. And that is how I decided not to keep this a secret to myself but share it with you, too. Before I used quite expensive brand but also not organic - my skin was comfortable, but every day I woke up and saw that my skin is exactly one day older. But since I started to feed my skin with Elier Mud I have opposite feeling - that my skin is getting better and that I'm looking younger. And this is what I wish for you!

All products - from masks and creams to toothpastes and shampoos - contain highly organic mud:

Elier (in old Baltic “ellõ liegã era” – medical mud of an ancient lake) is the only HIGHLY ORGANIC therapeutic mud, which was formed in caves more than 10 million years ago, and it is a complex of natural organic components. The unique organic mud has been successfully used in skin regeneration treatments for more than 200 years. Nowadays it is being studied by world’s leading biochemists and is clinically tested.

In 1999 an international team of scientists started a research about Elier. The results were incredible: the place, where organic mud is being formed is a living organism, an organic natural reserve. This UNIQUE composition includes more than 800 organic components and all minerals necessary for vitality of the body.

Research results prove 100% positive influence of Elier on skin cells as it enhances and regenerates their vitality, because it contains biologically active substances, which are identical to human skin cells. Natural Elier components have a positive influence on blood micro circulation, the state of capillary system and lymphatic vessels; they improve restoring and regenerating processes, activate body’s immune system, stabilize functioning of nervous system, enrich body with micro and macro elements, eliminate toxic and metabolic intermediate products from skin cells, enhancing their vitality and the process of regeneration, provide a real antioxidant effect.

Peloid Complex® is made from 5-stage-highly organic substances – ferments, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, micro elements, which provide the effect on the deepest layers of tissues, strengthen the immune system, enable correct processing of natural body functions, get rid of toxins and provide a strong anti-oxidant effect.

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First time shoppers buy products at full price.

Then there are two options:

-You become A Privileged Client after you have bought anything and will receive a 14% discount on any further shopping. You will receive your discount code by e-mail

- You become Elier Club Member when you spend £60 on your first shopping, after that you will always receive a 28% discount on all products. You will receive your discount code by e-mail

For example, you would want to buy Elier Unique mask which I highly recommend and which you can see costs £130 at full price, but with 28% discount it costs £93.60 or best kept secret serum costs £50, but if you have 28% discount it costs £36 which is such a good price for such an amazing product.

Also you can become Business Partner by buying product kit for about £120 and earn, if you are interested email me directly to

I'm also happy to consult and advice on what to choose,  I also hope that my blog would give you some ideas.

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Natural and healthy look is your priority! Be outstanding!