Nannija's Organic Mud Cosmetics

I am looking for SPA and beauty salons who would want to offer to their customers beauty products, treatments which are very unique, effective and natural.
ELIER Laboratory in collaboration with a Swiss laboratory manufacture elite cosmetic line for professionals – ELIER UNIQUE Professional, which has a very unique feature – the highly organic Elier mud.
 All cosmetic products are based on Elier Peloid Complex® – the balance of active elements of highly organic Elier mud. Elier Peloid Complex® has a high concentration of active substances: amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, micro- and macro-elements, natural oxidants and natural antibiotics. Studies have shown that all elements of the highly organic Peloid Complex® are also present in the skin cells. Skin cells can easily identify and fully trust the harmonically balanced Peloid Complex®. Peloid Complex® stimulates structural connectivity with all skin’s components and the molecular level of efficiency. Elier Peloid Complex® stimulates skin regeneration.

ELIER UNIQUE Professional unique products are designed for a special face and body treatment, as well as for solution of various specific problems. ELIER UNIQUE offers you not only cosmetics, but also a massage system and face and body treatment, which are described in 10 programmes, developed by the best SPA specialists.


Discover a new way in the world of beauty with ELIER UNIQUE SPA & SPE!


For more information please e-mail or call 07486370745 - very happy to help as ELIER UNIQUE cosmetics will give the greatest joy to your clients.