Nannija's Organic Mud Cosmetics

After sun organic mud Balm, 200 ml

Peloid Complex® intensively moisturizes skin, reduces formation of pigmentation, improves natural level of skin moisture and protects it from premature aging. Helps to have even toned skin after sunbathing. Skin regains its softness, becomes smooth and improves syntheses of collagen and elastan. Vitamin complex intensively nourishes skin, decreases its dryness and prolongs tan persistence. Peppermint oil gives toning and energizing effect. Allantoin improves regenerating processes and makes suntan tone even. Sea buckthorn extract soothes irritated skin and decreases irritation of sensitive skin.

  • Refreshing, energizing and vitalizing effect
  • Increases the skin’s protective barrier function
  • Provides a post-sun “repair”