Nannija's Organic Mud Cosmetics

Day Anti-bacterial & Anti-irritation Toothpaste, 100 ml

Discover the world of HEALTHY TEETH for your self with this organic toothpaste in the Elier Unique Smile Unique line of products.

This Unique organic toothpaste is made in the Elier laboratory using modern technologies. Organic components produce complex effects and REGENERATE THE STRUCTURE OF GUMS, efficiently prevent gingivitis, soothe nerve tissues in teeth to decrease their sensitivity over a long period. In addition, these organic compounds also prevent tartar formation by naturally retaining and reinforcing enamel.

Biologically active Elier components destroy cavity and parodontosis causing bacteria and micro-organisms, and prevent gum irritation.

Minerals strengthen enamel, natural antioxidants protect gum structure and slow the processes of tooth wear and ageing.

Recommended for use twice daily. In the morning – Elier Day Toothpaste, in the evening – Elier Night Toothpaste.

You will feel a positive effect after the first brushing. It is advised that brushing last no less than 3 minutes.

Toothpaste “Day” has been especially created to protect your teeth and gums. It offers perfect tonic effect and fresh breath all day. Eliēr extract helps to protect teeth and gums from inflammation. The toothpaste is the right solution for a wonderful smile and good mood all day long.