Nannija's Organic Mud Cosmetics

Smoothing & Nourishing Body Cream, 200ml

This Body cream immediately enriches and nourishes skin, fills it with soothing and gentle feelings.

This luxurious and rich cream nourishes skin, leaving it firm, smooth, and soft, with a youthful look.

The Elier protective complex combats the negative effects of the environment and protects skin from signs of premature aging, averts dryness, and regenerates a natural pH level.

Effective in combination with Elier Anti-cellulite Gel for the formation of an excellent body shape.

Olive oil – Moisturises, nourishes and regenerates skin, is perfect for the care of dry and sensitive skin; softens and slows cell atrophy, acts as a restorative, smoothes wrinkles.


Jojoba oil – Forms a protective layer on skin, is absorbed deep into the skin, providing hydration, preventing redness and irritation, has special therapeutic qualities.


Castor oil – This oil perfectly soothes and nourishes dry and sensitive skin, smoothing out little wrinkles. Castor oil helps remove warts and pigmentation.


Allantoin – Helps to deal with irritation, makes skin smooth, soft , gentle, gives it a healthy look.


Algae – Moisture skin, enrich it with minerals as well as purifi es it from grime. Clears skin from dead cells of epiderm. Activate microcirculation, cell renewal and tone up skin.


Gently apply to clean skin in the morning and in the evening, massage with circular movements. Recommended for use after Elier Protective & Nourishing Body Mask for a maximum breathtaking result.