Nannija's Organic Mud Cosmetics

Tonifying Lotion (Normal/ Combination skin), 200ml

With Peloid Complex®, Viola Tricolor Extract and Peppermint Extract.

  • Moisturizing effect
  • Controls oily skin areas and moisturizes dry skin areas
  • Prepares the skin for effective reception of active agents of the cream
  • 99.95% of natural ingredients

Peloid Complex® molecules maintain natural moisture level of skin, prevent negative impact on skin c wfy skin from dead cells of epidermis, decrease and intensively purify pores. Peloid Complex® helps to minimize pores and refreshes skin. Peppermint extract regulates pH level of skin and provides refreshing, energizing and restoring effect. Violet extract- Is a strong anti-oxidant, prevents irritation processes and rash formation.

Free of parabens, mineral oil, ingredients of animal origin.

Results: The lotion deeply cleanses and refreshes the skin. The skin becomes shining. The Peloid Complex® provides the skin with a healthy tone, normalizes the natural moisture level, balances the activity of sebaceous glands. The skin receives necessary hydration, it gets soft and velvety and ready to receive the active substances of the cream.

Active Ingredients

Peloid Complex® (Peloid Extract) is the perfection of natural organics! It contains amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, micro and macro elements, natural antibiotics and antioxidants.

Viola Tricolor Extract (Viola Tricolor Extract) protects and soothes the skin, makes it firm and radiant. Perfectly fights against negative environmental impacts. Works as a strong antioxidant and protects from irritants.

Peppermint Leaf Extract (Mentha Piperita Extract) reduces skin’s sensitivity towards nervous agitation or contact with irritants, enhances protective functions of epidermis, evens the skin tone. A rich composition of carotene makes it a strong natural anti-oxidant.

Panthenol (Panthenol) stimulates regeneration of epidermal cells, softens the skin, provides necessary hydration, restores balance of water and lipids. Increases the synthesis of collagen, reduces dryness and sensitivity of the skin.

Allantoin (Allantoin) has anti-inflammatory properties, provides a strong regenerating effect, stimulates healing of the skin. Allantoin provides a softening and moisturizing effect.

 Ingredients INCI

Aqua, Alcohol, Polysorbate 80, Glycerin, Panthenol, Allantoin, Mentha Piperita Extract, Viola Tricolor Extract, Peloid Extract (Peloid Complex®), Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Sodium Chloride,Citric Acid.