Nannija's Organic Mud Cosmetics

Vaginal & Rectal Tampons, 6 pieces.

Vaginal Tampons

High organic mud harmonizes vagina micro flora, bonds pathogenic micro flora, intensi-fies cell resistance, it has anti irritation and regenerating qualities. Efficient in cases of womb appendage, different etiological irrita-tion processes, endometryte, erosion of nex of womb, menstruation dysfunction and pain. Excellent for cure of urogenital disease. It is efficient to combine cure in cases of bacterial vaginitis, micro plasm, trichonoma etc.

  • Normalizes pH level
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Harmonizes micro flora

Rectal Tampons

High organic mud intensifies micro-hemody-namics, improves cell oxygenation, nutrition and metabolism. Removes oedema, improves functionality of prostate and urine elimination. Normalizes potential, increases libido, does not irritate, neutralizes toxic micro flora im-pact of recta. Using high organic mud regen-erating and micro-hemodynamics improving qualities, rectal tampons are not replaceable in curative application.

  • Harmonizes micro flora
  • Curative effect